NHS Health Checks

What is an NHS Health Check?

Even though you might be feeling fine, Leeds is offering a free NHS Health Check which is for everyone between the ages of 40 and 74, who has not already been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease. You will be invited (once every five years) to have a check to assess your risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes and will be given support and advice to help reduce or manage that risk.

Your NHS Health Check can help you to stay well and is free of charge.

What happens at the NHS Health Check

Your NHS Health Check will take less than half an hour and involves some simple questions about your lifestyle and family medical history and measurements will be taken such as age height, weight, blood pressure. You will also have a blood test to measure your cholesterol level and your results will be given to you.

If you’re over 65, you will also be informed about the signs and symptoms of dementia, After your results have been explained, you’ll be offered personalised advice and support to help stay healthy

By having a routine NHS Health Check every five years, you can take action early and greatly improve your chance of a longer, healthier and happier life. You may be surprised how some small, long-lasting changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference.

How to get an NHS Health Check in Leeds

In Leeds, having an NHS Health Check is both quick and straightforward. You’ll be invited via your GP for an NHS Health Check every five years if you are between 40 and 74 years old, as long as you don’t have an existing vascular condition so please look out for your letter.

However, you can always ask your GP about receiving a Health Check too so please contact your practice for more information.

Even if you don’t qualify yet for an NHS Health Check, there are plenty of other ways to help support you to improve your health… for more information please visit www.leedsletschange.co.uk

For additional information:

See the NHS Choices website for more information on NHS Health Checks.